APX Aerospace was founded in 2016 to group all the experience in different fields into a unique frame. The team is composed by multipotentialites and specialist merged together to create the strongest possible team.

If you don’t know what a multipotentialites is, look at the Emilie Wapnick video.

When you buy a product from APX, you are making an investment in innovation.

Not all the projects shown here are produced under the brand APX Aerospace. Some of them are developed by us and some are produced for other companies. Many of them are still under development!


More is going to come…
The laboratory is moved to a new location!
MTSAR training system

SAM Training System


Thanks to the experience gathered with DaVinci DRS, a complete line of parachute is now introduced!

Anti-Drone System

APX is called to solve the drones thread problem!

DaVinci DRS

The most compact and reliable UAV parachute system is released


APX Aerospace is born!