High Performance Brain

— Automatic Activation —

— Manual Activation —


Integrated Long-Range Radio

Comunication up to 15km



Easy and cheap to reload!


Built-In Power Supply

Li-ion battery for up to 13h of non-stop safety!


Pyrotechnic Gas Generator

Activated in pnly 2ms!



Sum all the external components needed with other systems, and you will never be lighter than DaVinci System!


Plug & Play Design

No more external components to solder or test!


Advanced Materials

Hi-Tech Polymer, carbon fiber and 700series Aluminium



Compatible with a broad range of accessory


Weight: 250gr (Phantom version)

Dimension: 75x80xL (L depends on the version – Phantom L=50mm / Inspire 1 L= )

Battery Life: 10h

Design Descend Speed (nominal): 5m/s

Mounting Support: Dedicated support or DIY plate


Ground Unit Weight: 110gr (all versions)

Battery Life: 10h

Dimension: 75x40x30mm

Operating Frequency: 868-869Mhz (For EU version)

Comunicating Distance: 5km in urban environment, up to 15km in free unobstructed area



Phantom Series Manual v1.0

Matrice 2xx V1/V2 Series Manual v1.0

Inspire 2 Manual v1.0

DIY Manual v1.0


Typhoon H Manual 1.0

STB – Signal Termination Board

All signal to and from the ESC will be cut-off if the parachute is activated

PTB – Power Termination Board

All the drone’s power will be cut-off

Inspire series speciality board

Due to the nature of the Inspire series drones, this board contain STB with landing gear controller. No more broken gimbal!

PT – External Firing System

With this accessory you can easy mount the firing pushbutton everywhere.

MT – External Firing System

Like a real ejection seat, you have to “pull to eject” the parachute of your drone.

  • DaVinci Air Unit
  • DaVinci Ground Unit
  • Recharge Cable
  • Specific support holder
  • Drone fixing line
  • Rugged box (optional)
  • External firing unit (optional)
  • Termination Boards (optional)
Is DaVinci compliant with ASTM-F3322?

Yes it is compliant! We still not received the certification due to European lack of notified body. We are working to receive the certification from an extra-EU notified body.

Do I need extra external accessory?

The DaVinci doesn’t require any external accessory to work. If your local regulamentation claim to a flight termination system, you can buy the STB or PTB on our shop.

How to charge the DaVinci?

Connecting the recharge cable to a standard USB charger (phone, tablet etc etc)

The mounting plate is available for any kind of drone?

If your drone isn’t in our list, don’t panic! We can built a custom made mounting plate for any needs. You can also choose the universal mount to fit any needs.

The parachute is included?

Yes it is! It comes completely saled and ready to use. The parachute is compatible with the version choosed.

Can DaVinci be re-packed after deployment?

Absolutely yes! It can be repacked within a minute, simply put a news charge inside the holder, re-pack the parachute and close with the new dome! That’s it!

Can I use multiple DaVinci systems?

Yes you can. You can connect master DaVinci system with almost infinite slave parachute.

Customization is available?

Yes it is! Please contact us for more informations.