APX Aerospace support social activities related to space and all STEAM activities. We are working together with local schools, university and clubs to make space more accessible

By investing in such initiatives, APX Aerospace not only contribute to the betterment of society but also foster innovation and progress. Moreover, the collaboration between businesses and social organizations can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and solutions for pressing global challenges. The mutual support between businesses and social activities creates a positive impact on society while nurturing a thriving environment for scientific advancement and societal growth.

National and International CANSAT competition

APX Aerospace helped the “ITIS E.Fermi” in 2022 with the Cansat development.

The CANSAT competition is an annual event that engages students from around the world in designing, building, and launching mini-satellites in the shape of cans, known as “CANSATs.” These devices are designed to perform scientific and research missions while in flight. The competition’s primary goal is to foster interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among young minds and promote international collaboration in the field of aerospace engineering.

Rocketry Local clubs

Model rocketry is a recreational hobby that involves designing, building, and launching small, non-commercial rockets made from lightweight materials. It offers enthusiasts of all ages an opportunity to explore the principles of physics, engineering, and aerodynamics in a safe and controlled environment. Model rocketry is important as it promotes hands-on learning, encouraging young minds to develop problem-solving skills and a passion for science and technology.

APX Aerospace supports national rocketry clubs by providing them with rocket motors, launch equipment, construction parts, and other sponsorships.

We support the IRS – Italian Rocketry Society www.rocketry.it

Some of the hardwares provided to clubs, competitions or teams:

  • LEPTON uHybrid Rocket Motor (revamping of Rene’s Caldera micro Hybrid)
  • WakeUP rocket finder/beeper
  • UPandOUT Ejection Timer with or without igniters (revamping of NoMatch system)
  • GPS Locator
  • Low power launch pad
  • Rocket Launch Controller

Students Team

APX Aerospace is ready to support students all around Italy. We are waiting for you!